It's Always Sunny: Characters' Hidden Realities

It's Always Sunny: Characters' Hidden Realities

One interesting fan theory suggests a unique perspective on the characters in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." It posits that in the final episode, when Frank takes a picture of Mac, Dennis, and Dee, it's might be revealed that they look drastically different from how the audience perceives them. According to the theory, Mac, Dennis, and Dee are not as attractive as we see them, and they have various physical and psychological issues. This stark contrast between their self-image and reality is explained by the idea that the story is primarily told from their perspective, and every event is centered around their group.

While Charlie and Frank are portrayed as their true, weird selves, the other three characters present themselves as attractive TV stars, even though they are treated the same way as Frank and Charlie in the show's world. This incongruity between their looks and how they're treated by others adds an intriguing layer to their characters. For instance, Mac's apparent physical prowess is questioned as he fails at karate and intimidation. Dennis, despite his good looks, is shown to rely on elaborate schemes to attract women. Dee's unfortunate dating choices and her potential psychological struggles add depth to her character. In essence, this theory suggests that "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is a show about the inner delusions of Mac, Dennis, and Dee as they grapple with societal rejection.

The theory goes further to diagnose the characters: Dennis as a psychopath, Dee struggling with depression, Charlie dealing with substance abuse and possible schizophrenia, and Mac having body dysmorphic disorder. The theory leaves Frank as the most "normal" character in the gang.

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