Anakin's Sand Aversion: A Deeper Emotional Struggle

Anakin's Sand Aversion: A Deeper Emotional Struggle

One Star Wars fan theory suggests that Anakin Skywalker's strong aversion to sand is not just a simple quirk but a deeper manifestation of his emotional struggle as a Jedi. Anakin, who didn't undergo the conventional Jedi training from birth, finds himself at odds with the Jedi way of suppressing emotions, especially those related to attachment.

The theory posits that Anakin's sand-related complaints are symbolic of his difficulty adhering to the Jedi philosophy that condemns strong emotions and their potential connection to the dark side. His upbringing in a harsh environment, coupled with intense emotions, sets him apart from other Jedi. When Anakin begins to experience romantic feelings for Padmé, it further complicates his internal conflict as she represents a connection to his past and the emotions he's expected to suppress.

Anakin's awkward expression of hatred for sand, while seemingly trivial, can be seen as a way for him to indirectly acknowledge his hate for his home planet and upbringing and it shows he hasn’t emotionally dealt with those issues and is in fact dealing with them in an unhealthy way, which he can’t directly vocalize.

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