Bart's Secret Stone-Cutters Membership

Bart's Secret Stone-Cutters Membership

A fan theory about "The Simpsons," proposes Bart Simpson to be a member of the secretive organization known as The Stone-Cutters. This theory gains support from the episode "Homer the Great" in which the Stone-Cutters are introduced. It is established that one can become a Stone-Cutter if they are the son of a Stone-Cutter or if they save the life of a Stone-Cutter. Bart's eligibility is argued to be connected to his act of donating blood to save Mr. Burns in an earlier episode, revealing that Mr. Burns himself is a Stone-Cutter. This theory is further strengthened by subtle hints and actions exhibited by Bart throughout the series, suggesting his involvement in the organization.

One intriguing piece of evidence is Bart's response when Homer starts suspecting a conspiracy at his workplace. Bart's casual mention of a conspiracy related to the Kennedy assassination is accompanied by a wink, which some fans interpret as an attempt to mislead Homer and divert his attention from the real secret, implying Bart's knowledge of the Stone-Cutters. Another instance is when Homer becomes the Chosen One, and Bart promptly removes Lisa from the room, demonstrating his familiarity with the organization's protocols. Additionally, Bart's ability to avoid significant punishment from Principal Skinner, who is implied to be a Stone-Cutter, despite his frequent misbehavior at school, adds to the theory's credibility.

Some may question why Bart doesn't attend Stone-Cutter meetings. The theory suggests that each chapter of the Stone-Cutters may have its own set of member numbers, and Homer was assigned number 908. Given the relatively small gathering at the Stone-Cutters' meeting, it's implied that members may not be required to attend every gathering, explaining Bart's absence from meetings in the series.

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