Gotham's Immortality-Inducing Waters: A Fan Theory

Gotham's Immortality-Inducing Waters: A Fan Theory

One fan theory may unravel why Gotham City is such a chaotic and troubled place in Batman/DC Comics universe. The theory posits that the root of Gotham's problems lies in a hidden but abundant source of immortality-enabling chemicals, particularly the Lazarus Pits. These pits, known for their healing and madness-inducing properties, play a crucial role in this theory.

The theory highlights that Batman frequently encounters Lazarus Pits throughout the Rocksteady games, which are mystical baths that Ra's Al Ghul uses for healing and reviving. Moreover, the theory connects these Lazarus Pits to the superhuman abilities of some of Batman's adversaries, like Bane and Deathstroke. It's revealed that the Lazarus chemical's derivative, Dionesium, grants the Joker a form of immortality and is used by the Court of Owls to extend their Talons' lifespans.

What ties all of this to the tumultuous nature of Gotham is the presence of these immortality-enabling chemicals in the city's water supply, with Lazarus found there. This connection prompts the theory to suggest that Gotham's inhabitants, including its heroes and villains, are unknowingly exposed to these chemicals. This exposure allows characters like Batman and his rogues gallery to heal quickly, almost miraculously, and survive injuries that would be lethal for ordinary individuals. In essence, Gotham's chaos may be a result of this mystical chemistry, with the city's abnormal nature stemming from the very water its citizens consume.

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