50 Bizarre Game Shows – Part 2

By: Fact Republic

1. There was a Japanese show called 'Japanarama' in which an elderly woman had to answer questions about pop culture

- to prevent her grandson from being shot into the sky by a bungee machine.

2. In the reality show "I Want to Marry Harry," the contestants were brainwashed into believing they were dating on the show was Prince Harry.

They even sent the contestants a fake "therapist" to convince them he was real.

3. The reason 'Fear Factor' was canceled was that they had a challenge where the contestants drank donkey semen.

It wasn’t even the final test to win the grand prize.

4. During an Uruguayan show "A Challenge to the Heart", 7 contestants were run over by a train they were pulling, while 3000 kids were watching.

5. A Japanese game show once made contestants play "Binocular Soccer". Each player had a pair of Binoculars strapped to their face.

6. There was a German show where 12 contestants donated their sperm to a lab where doctors observed their seed race towards an egg.

The winner of 'The Sperm Race' got a Porsche.

7. There was a  1970s show called "The Neighbors" where women had to guess which one of their neighbors had gossiped stuff about them.

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