50 Interesting Facts about Human Hormones – Part 2

By: Fact Republic

1. The oxytocin system develops during childhood, and if it doesn't develop properly, you are more likely to become an alcoholic or drug addict as an adult.

2. Levels of the stress hormone "cortisol," the chemical that instructs men to fight, tend to spike about 4-6 weeks after men learn they are going to be fathers.

3. Habitual singing causes the lungs to release leptin, a protein made by the body’s fat cells that is involved in the regulation of appetite.

This may partially explain why opera stars tend to lean toward the heavy end of the scale.

4. Chopping wood increases testosterone production by 46.8%. 

This is up to 17% higher than soccer and other competitive sports studied.

5. You blush because adrenaline makes your blood vessels dilate.

6. Standing like a superhero for as little as 2 minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol levels, increases our appetite for risk...

...causes us to perform better in job interviews and generally prepares our brains to deal with stressful situations.

7. Cold showers increase testosterone levels, mitigate depression, and invigorate the mind.

8. Blind people supplement synthetic melatonin in order to "teach" their brains when it's day and night. Without it, they are arguably in a state of perpetual jet lag.

Without it, they are arguably in a state of perpetual jet lag.

9. Crying is good for you because tears can flush out higher levels of stress hormones and higher levels of mood-regulating manganese.

10. For those who have trouble sleeping, researchers say that 1 week of camping, without electronics...

...resets our biological body clock and synchronizes our melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset.

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