50 Crazy Historical Facts You Never Knew – Part 2

By: Fact Republic

1. Throughout history, during wartime, some armies used to wipe poop on their spears, so that when they stabbed or slashed their enemies, they had a lesser chance of survival due to the ensuing infection.

2. When Roman Emperor Nero's wife died, he found a boy looking like her, removed his testicles, and had him appear in public as his wife.

3. Shah Jahan, who built Taj Mahal, had his minions cut off the hands of the workers after the structure was completed so that he could preserve the mausoleum's blessed significance.

4. Henry VIII awarded sons of noblemen with the coveted title of "Groom of the Stool."The groom was responsible for wiping the king after defecation and keeping the facilities clean.

It was an entirely honorable position that led to great intimacy with the monarch.

5. Catherine the Great had 22 male lovers and an erotic cabinet of highly eccentric furniture.

Among these were tables that had large penises for legs, penises, and vaginas carved out on the chairs, and walls were covered in erotic art.

6. Rasputin's remains were cremated to make sure he wasn't a zombie, but only after cutting off his extraordinarily large penis and placing it in a museum.

7. Genghis Khan's generals, Jebe and Subutai, after defeating the Russians laid thousands of them bound and stacked like cordwood.

Then they built a platform above where he and his generals feasted, all the while the men below suffocated and were crushed to death.

8. Shi Pei Pu was a Chinese opera singer and a spy who obtained secrets from a French embassy worker for 20 years by masquerading as a woman during their sexual affair.

He even took a child and pretended it was theirs.

9. The original French champagne coupe glass was molded around Marie Antoinette’s left breast.

10. Members of Mother Teresa's order would secretly baptize dying patients of other religions. Patients were asked if they wanted a 'ticket to heaven.'

While pretending to cool the patient's forehead, words were quietly recited and the ceremony performed.

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