50 Complicated Facts about Human Organs

By: Fact Republic

1. We cry when we are happy because the hypothalamus in our brain can't tell the difference between being happy or sad.

2. When our inner voice speaks in our head, it is accompanied by subtle muscle movements from our larynx.

3. The speed of the airflow in your trachea when you cough is around 85% of the speed of sound.

4. The inside of the human small intestine has the same surface area as a tennis court.

5. The human stomach has more nerve endings than the spinal cord, giving a bit more meaning to gut feeling.

6. Up to 30% of humans have a 2nd spleen called an accessory spleen. These are usually small, but may grow & function when the main spleen is removed or damaged.

7. A person with damage to the right brain hemisphere can develop a "joke addiction," a compulsive need to constantly make jokes.

8. About 8-16% of humans are missing the palmaris longus muscle, which was once used for climbing.

9. Pushing your thumb into the roof of your mouth gets rid of brain freeze.

10. Having allergies decreases your risk of a brain tumor by nearly 40%.

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