50 Bizarre Comic Characters (Incl. Marvel & DC)

By: Fact Republic

1. Marcus is a marvel comics character that is a werewolf centaur fused with an alien. His weakness is literally diabetes.

2. There is a marvel superhero named Combo Man, who is comprised of parts and has the powers of several Marvel superheroes.

He activates his powers by eating Combos (the stuffed pretzel snacks).

3. Marvel had a female superhero called Big Bertha whose powers included becoming really fat and vomiting to lose weight.

4. The marvel character "Hatemonger" is a clone of Adolf Hitler who uses a "Hate-ray" as his primary weapon.

5. There is a marvel superhero named Sh*t King whose superpower is able to secrete a foul smell that can stun a man.

6. Marvel had a character named "Beef" who died by falling out of a window.

7. 'Eye-Scream' is a marvel mutant villain who has the power to turn himself into any flavor of ice cream.

8. Turner D. Century was a marvel villain who was motivated by a hatred of post-WW1 social changes.

His gadgets include a flame-throwing umbrella, a flying tandem bicycle, and a "time horn" that induces unconsciousness in those under the age of 65. 

9. There is one character owned by both Marvel and DC, named Access, whose sole purpose is to try to keep both companies' universes separate.

10. There is a marvel superhero called the 'Gardener' who is literally just an epic gardener.

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