30 Interesting Facts about DNA and Genes

By: Fact Republic

1. Elizabeth Taylor had a genetic mutation of the FOXC2 gene, which gave her an extra row of eyelashes.

2. Only about 22% of humans have the genes necessary to smell “asparagus pee.”

3. People on the Solomon Islands have a gene named TYRP1 that causes blonde hair, despite their dark skin.

This gene is unrelated to the one that causes blondeness in European peoples and evolved independently.

4. 1-3% of people have a mutated gene called hDEC2, which allows their body to get the rest it requires from just a few hours of sleep.

5. The only known case of "Chromosome 6 Deletion," where a person does not feel pain, hunger, or the need to sleep, is a 7-year-old girl named Olivia Farnsworth.

In 2016, she was hit by a car and dragged 30 meters, yet felt nothing and emerged with minor injuries.

6. Most Koreans don't produce body odor due to large-scale dominance of the gene ABCC11.

As a consequence, deodorant is a rare commodity in Korea.

7. People with a variant FAAH gene are less anxious and are less inclined to like marijuana.

They actually experience a decrease in happiness when smoking marijuana.

8. There is a gene named OR6A2 that makes cilantro taste like soap.

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