100 Interesting Facts about Planets and Moons

By: Fact Republic

1. Neptune holds the record for the strongest winds in our solar system. 

Scientists have been puzzled at the discovery of wind speeds reaching 2,100 km/h on Neptune.

2. There’s enough space between the Earth and the moon to fit in the all the rest of the planets in the solar system.

3. It rains diamonds on gaseous planets like Neptune and Uranus.

They contain methane that at high pressures and temperatures turn into diamonds which then fall to the center of the planet.

4. In 2012, scientists discovered an exoplanet named 23.55 Cancri that's roughly 2 times the size of earth, that has a crust made of diamond 2500 miles thick.

5. Venus spins on its axis so slowly (4 mph) that the average human could easily outwalk it.

6. One of Mars's moons, Phobos, appears to rise in the west and set in the east twice each Martian day. 

It will eventually either collide with the planet or break apart to form planetary rings.

7. Mars' smallest moon, Deimos, has an escape velocity of 5.2m/s, if you took a running jump while on it, you will launch off like a slow rocket.

8. Every time Io passes into Jupiter's shadow, Io's atmosphere freezes solid and smashes into the surface. 

When Io moves back into the sunlight, the frozen atmosphere thaws and returns to a gas.

9. Saturn has a moon called Mimas and it has a crater in it that makes it look like the Death Star.

10. Saturn's moon Titan has such a dense atmosphere and such a low gravity that if you strapped wings to your hands you could easily fly.

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