50 Shocking Experiments Few Know About – Part 2

By: Fact Republic


Albert Stevens 

Radiation Experiment Guinea Pig

In 1945, a man named Albert Stevens was misdiagnosed as having terminal cancer and was unconsensually chosen for a radiation experiment since "he was doomed to die" anyway.

He survived exposure to the highest known radiation dose in any human and lived for another 20 years.

Dolphins on LSD

In the 1960s, NASA funded a project to teach dolphins English by giving them LSD


A dolphin called Peter did actually learn a few words but eventually fell in love with his teacher and also had sexual urges. So the experiment was terminated.

Unfortunately, Peter couldn't cope with the separation and committed suicide.


Alexis St. Martin

Man With A Hole In His Stomach

In the 1800s, a Canadian man named Alexis St. Martin was shot, but he survived and he was left with an open hole in his stomach wall.

He was used in experiments for 12 years as doctors could view his digestion in real time through his wound. He lived for another 58 years.


Alexander Bogdanov

Blood Transfusion Pioneer

In 1924, a Russian scientist named Alexander Bogdanov started blood transfusion experiments, hoping to achieve eternal youth.

After 11 blood transfusions, he claimed he had improved his eyesight and stopped balding. He died after a transfusion with a student suffering from malaria and TB. The student fully recovered.

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