50 Crazy Victorian Era Facts

By Fact Republic


Murder Bottles

Many Victorian mothers used to give a self-feeding milk bottle to their babies instead of breastfeeding. These were given the nickname Murder Bottles...

These bottles were made of earthenware, glass and were incredibly hard to clean which caused severe bacteria to build up and caused the deaths of thousands of babies.


Death Portraiture

In Victorian times, it became increasingly popular for English families to take one last photo with their dead children before they were buried.

Due the long exposure time that the early photographic equipment required, the dead were often seen more sharply than the slightly blurred living, because of their lack of movement.


Tuberculosis Fashion

Tuberculosis was so romanticized during the Victorian era that fashion trends emerged to highlight and emulate the symptoms of the disease.

This fashion movement is referred to as "Consumptive Chic."


Baked Potato Street Food

One of the most popular street foods sold during the Victorian English winters were baked potatoes, which were used both as food and as hand warmers.

London street vendors alone sold 10 tons of potatoes every day from cans and small metal boxes on four legs which were fueled by charcoal.


Brothel Candles

Brothel candles were candles which burned precisely for 7 minutes and were heavily used during Victorian times.

The customer paid the fee, lit the candle, and when the candle burned out, his session was over.

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