Viral Pics

Small Ecosystem

Someone found this glass ball that had become the home of small marine ecosystem. It is a Japanese glass float that fisherman used before plastic and aluminum floats were created.

Annoying the fans

Tennessee #7 flicks off an expressive Bama crowd after a touchdown. The longer you look, the better it gets.
While it was a somewhat unclassy move, we got to admire how much the two teams hate each other.

Best Wedding Present

The best wedding present one could ask for. Parents of redditor "jessicaisanerd" gave them this portrait which was commissioned by Marvel artist Scott Johnson.
It is impressive that Frodo is the ring bearer.

Ball balancing wire machine

Cable-driven parallel robot constructed within master's thesis at company B&R Automation Brno in partnership with Brno University of Technology.

Ripping off burqa

Woman rips off burqa after ISIS is driven from Raqqa.


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