Viral Pics

Blue Whale's Heart

Weighing over 400 lbs, this is heart of a Blue Whale. Want to know what's more impressive? At a rate of 8 – 10 beats per minute the blue whale's heartbeat can be heard from over 2 miles away.

Thor's Well

Thor's Well on the Oregon coast is a mesmerizing natural spectacle to behold. Located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, just three miles south of Yachats, Thor's Well is a bowl-shaped hole carved out of the rough basalt shoreline. The feature likely started out as a sea cave dug out by the waves before the roof eventually collapsed, leaving openings at the top and bottom through which the ocean surges and sprays.
Circular shape aside, it's not so different from the other features around it- rugged Cook's Chasm, a spouting horn, and nearby Devil's Churn - but its shape and location, right against the Pacific Ocean, results in some pretty unusual behavior.
At high tide, the waves roll underneath the bowl, filling it from the bottom until it bubbles out the top or bursts up in a violent spray. The water then rolls back into the hole, making Thor's Well appear to fill and drain endlessly. It's fun to watch when the ocean is high but return at low tide to see the mechanisms at work.

Mir Space Station

Backdropped against the waters of Cook Strait near New Zealand's South Island, Russia's Mir Space Station is seen from the aft flight deck window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The two spacecraft were in the process of making their third docking in Earth-orbit. With the subsequent delivery of astronaut Shannon W. Lucid to the Mir, the Mir-21 crew grew to three, as the mission specialist quickly becomes a cosmonaut guest researcher. She will spend approximately 140 days on Mir before returning to Earth.

Fixing Lunar Rover

Apollo 17 astronauts made a lunar rover fender from four maps and duct tape. In transcripts, they repeatedly called it "good old-fashioned American gray tape."
The dust they drove across on the Moon was kicked up easily and had a consistency of tiny shards of glass. With that fender broken off, the dust would kick up onto the rover. They would have been severely limited in how much they could use the rover without fixing the fender because the dust would be so damaging.

Correct Timing

If your airbag fired just 70 milliseconds late



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