Viral Pics


A tribesman from rural Papua New Guinea with his face painted like an undead spirit.

Albino Alligator

There are only just over a dozen albino alligators in the world and this one lives at Gatorland in Orlando. Her name is Pearl. She's about 10-years-old, 7-1/2 feet long and 105 pounds.
If you've seen a white alligator it's unlikely that you've seen a true albino and more likely it was just leucistic, meaning it had reduced melanin (and other pigments), but not totally albino. A good tell is usually the eye color.

Mohammad Mohiedine Anis

Mohammad Mohiedine Anis, 70, smokes his pipe and listens to music in his destroyed bedroom in Aleppo, Syria.
Mohammad Mohiedine Anis has been collecting US automobiles since he fell in love with them in the 1950s. Among the many casualties of the war that has raged in Syria for six years an extensive collection of classic American cars is one of the most unexpected. His collection has been decimated in the fighting that has ravaged the Syrian city. Even his home has been destroyed forcing Mohammad to listen to his gramophone amongst the ruins of his house. He had amassed a twenty car collection in the recently liberated al-Shaar neighborhood of the Syrian city.

Guedelon Castle

The French have spent 20 years building a new medieval Castel, the “Guedelon Castle” in Burgundy, France. Since 1997 a group of researchers and volunteers have been using only medieval materials and techniques to build the castle so that it is as authentic as possible.
The site brings over 300,000 people per year to witness the project firsthand. It is expected to be completed in 2023. The castle is a recreation of a real castle that existed in 13th-century. The primary materials being used are stone and wood.

Snow Gum tree

The Snow Gum eucalyptus is a tough, easy to grow tree that produces lovely white flowers and grows in a wide variety of conditions. They contain oil glands that make them glisten in the sunlight in a very distinctive way. The bark is smooth in shades of white, gray, and occasionally red. The bark sheds, giving it an attractive mottled appearance in various colors.


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