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31Robert F. Broussard

A Louisiana senator named Robert F. Broussard proposed the "American Hippo Bill" which would have brought Hippos from Africa to get rid of an invasive species and solve a meat shortage in the United States. The bill nearly passed.

Categories: Animals, Politics

32Richard Feynman

When asked to investigate the space shuttle Challenger disaster, Richard Feynman wrote a very critical report about NASA's safety policy concluding: "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

Categories: People, Science, Space

33Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford stood up for civil rights in 1934 by threatening to quit his college football team, unless they let Willis Ward (African American) play against the south’s Georgia Tech. He agreed to play only after Ward asked him to because they couldn’t afford to lose that game.

Categories: President, Sports

34Jason Mewes

Seth Green almost ended up playing Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob) in Mallrats. The studio didn't want Jason Mewes in the role and he was forced to audition for it. While Kevin Smith successfully fought off studio executives, Mewes had to audition for the role alongside both Seth Green and Breckin Meyer.

Categories: Actors, Movies

35Tanning beds

There are more skin cancer cases attributed to tanning beds than lung cancer cases attributed to smoking.

Categories: Disease, Technology

36Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell, a British gay rights activist, attempted a citizen's arrest on Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in 1999. Tatchell walked up to Mugabe's motorcade, grabbed the stunned dictator by the arm, and stated calmly, "President Mugabe, you are under arrest for torture."

Categories: People, President

37Lawn Mowing

Americans in Germany frequently get into trouble because they mow their lawns on Sundays and holidays, which is a punishable offense in Germany. German law forbids making excessive noise on Sundays and holidays, as well as from 10 PM to 7 AM on weekdays.

Categories: People, Plants

38Family Guy

Every episode of Family Guy includes at least one instance of a character saying “What the hell …”

Categories: Cartoons


In 2015, two gorgeous new species of peacock spiders nicknamed “Skeletorus” and “Sparklemuffin” were discovered in Australia. Sparklemuffin was named such due to bluish and reddish stripes on its abdomen.

Categories: Animals, Places

40Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin required that she would be paid, in cash, prior to any performance, often carrying the money in a bag, on stage during the show.

Categories: Finance, Music

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