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11Ancient Egyptian Calendar

The Ancient Egyptians used 12 months of exactly 30 days, with 5 days of festivities at the end to add up to 365

Categories: Festival, History, Time

12Helene Kottanner

The Queen Consort of Hungary in the 1400s, Elizabeth of Luxembourg, after being widowed, asked her chambermaid (Helene Kottanner) to steal the physical crown of Hungary, and the chambermaid wrote a book about the successful heist.

Categories: Monarch

13Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was once officially crowned King of Sanwi, a small kingdom at the bottom of the Ivory Coast. When Michael Jackson died, the nation mourned for two whole days.

Categories: Actors, Monarch

14Bill Murray

In 2006, Bill Murray showed up at a student house party in St. Andrews, Scotland. He drank their Vodka out of a coffee cup and washed their dishes in a cramped kitchen.

Categories: Actors, Beverages

15Bachelor Undershirt

The t-shirt was invented in 1904 and it was primarily marketed towards bachelors as "bachelor undershirt." It was stretchy enough to be pulled over the head. "No safety pins - no buttons - no needle - no thread."

Categories: Marketing

16Nondiabetic person requires antirejection drugs

A woman with Type 1 diabetes underwent an islet cell transplant. Since the transplant, her glucose levels have remained at a healthy level, and she was taken off insulin and has no dietary restrictions. “She is like a nondiabetic person but requires antirejection drugs,”

Categories: Health, People

17Forest trees

Trees in forests have an underground communication and interaction system driven by fungal networks. “Mother trees” pass on information for best growth patterns and can divert nutrients to trees in need, and they are more likely to pass them on to trees of their own species.

Categories: Forest, Plants

18Banana candy

Banana candy doesn't taste like a banana because the flavoring was invented while an old species of banana was popular, the Gros Michel, which tastes different to the currently popular banana, the Cavendish. Panama disease wiped out the Gros Michel but the artificial flavor never changed.

Categories: Food

19Hurricane Katrina

There are a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Hurricane Katrina. One crazy theory is that the entire thing was caused by Russian mobsters

Categories: Countries, Weather

20Treehouse of Horror

In the first Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (Halloween special), Marge warns parents of the content of the episode advising them to put their children to bed. The warning was put in as a sincere effort to warn young viewers, as the producers felt it was somewhat scary.

Categories: Cartoons

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