Achmed Sukarno

Achmed Sukarno

When the KGB tried to blackmail Indonesian President Achmed Sukarno with videotapes of the president having sex with Russian women disguised as flight attendants, Sukarno wasn't upset. He was pleased. He even asked for more copies of the video to show back in his country.

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Some Assange defenders are suggesting that the 39-year-old Australian is the victim of government-sponsored seduction, known as a "Honey trap." Are honey traps real, or are they found only in James Bond movies? Honey traps, also called "Honey pots," have been a favorite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage have existed-in other words, forever. Perhaps the earliest honey trap on record was the betrayal of Samson by Delilah, who revealed Samson's weakness to the Philistines in exchange for 1,100 pieces of silver, as described in the book of Judges.

The classic honey trap is seduction to extract secrets. Other times, spies set honey traps to draw their victims into their enemy's clutches. Honey trapping often leads to blackmail-though some of the more famous examples didn't go according to plan. No one has perfected the honey trap quite like the Russians. China, too, seems to employ honey traps regularly.

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