Eyelid Transformations with Glue

Eyelid Transformations with Glue

In the pursuit of rounder, more traditionally "western"-looking eyes, some individuals, particularly in Asian communities, have explored unconventional and often dangerous methods for altering their eyelids. While surgery might be a more sensible option when performed by professionals, many have ventured into the realm of do-it-yourself eyelid transformations. Enter eyelid glues and tapes, which are used to create a new eyelid crease, pushing it partially behind the eyeball with, unbelievably, a plastic fork. Yes, you read that right—a plastic fork. The process is not only risky but also time-consuming, taking up to two hours. Long-term use of these products can result in sagging and drooping eyelids, exacerbating the very issue they were meant to correct. Unfortunately, despite the glaring downsides, these unconventional methods continue to find popularity, even to the extent of being marketed to younger audiences.

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