Face Slapping for Beauty

Face Slapping for Beauty

In 2012, Tata, a Thai masseuse with a San Francisco address, introduced face slapping as an unconventional facial firming technique. Billed as "completely safe" and rooted in Thai traditions, Tata employs precise slaps to unlock one's hidden beauty potential without resorting to invasive techniques or chemicals. Tata, one of only ten students personally trained by renowned face slapper Kung Khemika, asserts her pride in bringing this unique practice to the western hemisphere. For $350, Tata started offering a "face firming" slapping massage, targeting specific areas such as eyebrows, cheeks, or the forehead, claiming to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin firmness. Results from a single 15-20 minute session can reportedly last up to six months, and with the full course, the effects may extend up to a year. While the practice resembles tapotement, a technique used in Swedish massage to stimulate blood flow, it is relatively novel for facial rejuvenation. For those seeking frequent treatments, a money-saving package of four sessions within a month is available for $1,000, with Tata Massage accepting cash payments only.

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