Sexual Arousal

Sexual Arousal

We humans as a species are unique in our inability to tell whether or not a female is ovulating by just looking at them, which has made our sex drives grow to be a lot more complex. For animals, the evolutionary strategy to reproduce effectively is to “have sex when the female is in heat” or “have sex during mating season.”

For humans, the evolutionary strategy to reproduce effectively is to “have sex often to have a chance at making an offspring.” Therefore humans need to be convinced to have sex regularly or we would barely reproduce. That’s the reason why evolution has made humans to be sexually aroused when seeing other members of our species naked/copulating (porn).

Studies have also shown that men actually do find women more attractive when they are ovulating as women have been found to show some subtle signs while ovulating. Another study has also found that “ovulating women unconsciously buy sexier clothing to outdo other attractive women.” This apparently works both ways as studies have found that men who don’t masturbate, buildup semen, and naturally (though not deliberately) become more flirtatious.

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