Valentino’s Ring

Valentino’s Ring

One of Hollywood’s greatest silent movie actors, Rudolph Valentino, bought a ring from a shop keeper who was hesitant to sell the alleged “cursed ring.” When he showed it to his friend, his friend said he saw a vision of a pale and deathly Valentino. Valentino’s next few movies flopped and he died 6 years later of a perforated ulcer. His girlfriend Pola Negri became ill after wearing the ring and her career never recovered. When Valentino’s biopic was filmed, the actor who was hired to play Valentino wore the ring and he died in a shooting incident a few days later. Gangster Joe Casino bought this ring and refused to wear it until the curse had faded. A few years later when he wore the ring, he was dead within a week due to a motoring accident.

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