Harrison Graham

Harrison Graham

In 1987, Harrison Graham’s (a.k.a. Cookie Monster) apartment in Philadelphia was raided by police and they found the remains of seven women. Graham told the police the bodies had been there when he first moved in but later confessed to “accidentally” strangling them all during sex whilst he was under the influence of drugs. Graham had a Cookie Monster toy that he would sleep with and his defense claimed he had three personalities; ‘Frank’ a drug addict and murderer; ‘Junior’ a 2-year-old who could not be without the Cookie Monster, and ”Marty’ a likable handyman who was compliant with the police. His defense that he suffered from multiple personality disorder was rejected by a judge and he was convicted of all seven murders. Due to his low IQ and mental illness, he managed to skip the death penalty and he became an ordained minister in prison.

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