Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski was responsible for a string of homeless murders in New Jersey, killing a cop for beating him, and he also once shot a man with a crossbow just to test it out for an upcoming hit. He lured men to meetings with the promise of lucrative business deals, killed them and stole their money. He was nicknamed, ‘The Iceman’ by authorities after he froze the body of one of his victims to disguise the time of death. He once killed a man and left his body in an oil drum outside of a diner just to see how long it would take for someone to investigate. He ordered sandwiches from the same diner and sat on the drum while he ate it. He made a clicking noise with his mouth when he was angry and anyone who heard that was as good as dead. The inspiration for Stone Cold Steve Austin's character came from Richard Kuklinski.

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