Redd Foxx

Redd Foxx

In 1991, American stand-up comedian Redd Foxx suffered a fatal heart attack on the set. No one came to his aid because they all thought he was doing his classic "I'm coming, Elizabeth!" fake heart attack routine from Sanford and Son.

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Foxx played the role of Fred G. Sanford, while Foxx's co-star Demond Wilson played the role of his son Lamont. In 1986, he returned to television in the ABC series The Redd Foxx Show, which was cancelled after 12 episodes because of low ratings. Foxx adopted Harris's nine-year-old daughter Debraca, who assumed the surname "Foxx". At the time of his death, Foxx was married to Ka Ho Cho, who used the name Ka Ho Foxx. When she leaned down to Foxx as he was on the ground, Foxx said, "Get my wife" repeatedly and went into cardiac arrest. According to Joshua Rich at Entertainment Weekly, "It was an end so ironic that for a brief moment cast mates figured Foxx - whose 1970s TV character often faked heart attacks - was kidding when he grabbed a chair and fell to the floor." Foxx, who had temporarily been brought back to life while being treated initially, was taken to Queen Of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where he succumbed to the attack and died that night at the age of 68. Comedian and actor Richard Pryor cited Redd Foxx as an influence.

Comedian Chris Rock cites Redd Foxx as an influence. An episode of his show Everybody Hates Chris shows young Chris Rock overhearing his parents' Redd Foxx albums and getting started doing stand-up through retelling the jokes at school. In 1990, in the first-ever episode of In Living Color, in reference to Foxx's financial troubles, Foxx was portrayed by Damon Wayans, who is making a public service announcement to encourage people to pay their taxes. In the animated television series Family Guy parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope episode "Blue Harvest", Redd Foxx appears very briefly as an X-wing pilot. Foxx was meant to be featured in the MTV show Celebrity Deathmatch, advertised as taking on Jamie Foxx in the episode "When Animals Attack". Redd Foxx appears as a minor character in the 2009 James Ellroy novel Blood's a Rover. He gives a bawdy eulogy at the wake of Scotty Bennett, a murdered rogue LAPD detective including the line "Scotty Bennett was fucking a porcupine. I gots to tell you motherfuckers that it was a female porcupine, so I don't see nothing perverted in it." In the 1999 film Foolish starring comedian Eddie Griffin and rapper Master P, the ghost of Redd Foxx gives Griffin's character advice from behind a stall door in a men's restroom at a comedy club before he goes onstage to perform a show. In 2015, it was said that comedian Tracy Morgan would portray Redd Foxx in a Richard Pryor biopic starring opposite comedian Mike Epps.

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