Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow

The last words of actor Vic Morrow before dying in a helicopter accident on the set of 'Twilight Zone: The Movie' were "I've got to be crazy to do this shot. I should've asked for a double."

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Vic Morrow, with whom I had worked on the TV series Combat! was one of my suggestions. During the interview, Vic made what turned out to be a poignant point. Vic praised A.D. Flowers and our directors for never putting us in jeopardy during the five years of production. Ten years later, Vic was dead because he worked on a movie in which key personnel were either drunk or stoned on coke, or both. A director, who some crew members say, was out of control and kept screaming at the helicopter pilot over the bull horn, "Fly lower. LOWER!" over the heads of Vic and the children and the massive explosions that were being detonated. Vic's last words in life, while holding two children and waiting for the director to say "Action," were, "I've got to be crazy to do this shot. I should've asked for a double." Even though divorced from Vic for 16 years, Barbara felt obliged to guide her children, who were in their teens, in arranging Vic's funeral.

Moments after we arrived, an audible shock wave of reaction from Vic's friends and co-workers who come to pay their respects, grabbed my attention. His stooges helped him to the lectern and he began a rambling eulogy -unplanned, unrequested, unwanted and shocking to Vic's family and friends. The most obnoxious remark he made, among many, was that he was "Proud to have directed Vic in what Vic, himself, considered the best performance of his career." Vic's girl friend and his ex-wife Barbara both said Vic thought the movie was a piece of s..., and he was ashamed to be connected with it. The following day, I called the Los Angeles Country District Attorney's office and told them I had a tape from my radio show in which Vic expressed his confidence in the Combat! special effects team. Everyone I know who knew Vic hoped Landis and Folsey would get at least a year in the slammer. Books about Vic Morrow's deathMore about Vic Morrow - bio, screen credits, more. Read online article:Recollections about Vic Morrow and Combat! by Dick Peabody.

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