35 Disgusting Insider Industrial Secrets You Should Know About

41Benjamin Franklin

When the Declaration of Independence was being drafted, Benjamin Franklin suggested that the word "sacred" be replaced with "self-evident" because he believed that the nation should be founded on reason, not faith.

42Chinese airlines

Due to a pilot shortage, Chinese airlines are paying airline pilots $300,000 a year, tax-free.

43Jesse Shipley

17-year-old Jesse Shipley died in a car crash in 2005. His parent learned in 2010 that his brain was not buried with him, when his classmates went on a field trip to a morgue and saw a jar labeled “Jesse Shipley” that had a brain in it.


In 2013, a dog named Killian saved a baby boy from an abusive babysitter. He alerted his owners by growling and standing between the baby and the sitter whenever she was there. Suspicious, the parents left an iPhone under the sofa recording audio. The sitter was later convicted on what they heard.


The Mayans created scenes very similar to today's modern comics, including speech bubbles, stink lines, and naughty jokes. In one scene, a cheeky rabbit (dubbed the "Mayan Bugs Bunny") tells an old man to "smell your sweat, wizard penis."

46Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews initially refused the role of Mary Poppins because she was pregnant. Walt Disney, however, insisted that she play the nanny, saying, “We’ll wait for you.”

47Gnarls Barkley

In 2006, Gnarls Barkley removed their hit single 'Crazy' from music stores after it remained at the top of the British charts for 9 weeks, so people would "remember the song fondly and not get sick of it."

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A 14-year-old boy named John once impersonated an MI5 agent online and "recruited" his best friend into the secret services. The initiation test was to murder... John. John became the first person in the United Kingdom to be convicted for inciting his own attempted murder.

49Usain Bolt

In Rio Olympics of the top 30 fastest 100m sprints, 9 of them were clean and not associated with doping. All 9 sprints were by Usain Bolt.

50Love Canal residents

In May 1980, after blood tests found that a significant portion of Love Canal residents suffered chromosome damage from toxic waste buried under their homes, homeowners, upset over lack of federal action, held two EPA officials hostage. This action spurred the federal Superfund program to be passed.



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