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11Male tiger plays mom role

A male tiger in India adopted a litter of orphaned cubs, taking on the role of 'mother'. Wildlife officials say such behavior had never been observed before.

Categories: Animals, Places

12Fortune 500

Over half of the names of companies on the Fortune 500 list have disappeared since the year 2000.

Categories: Corporation

1323.55 Cancri

In 2012, scientists discovered an exoplanet named 23.55 Cancri that was roughly two times the size of earth, that has a crust made of diamond 2500 miles thick

Categories: Space

14Mira star

Mira, a dying star zipping through our universe is shedding its matter leaving a tail 13 light-years in length. Each bit of its shed matter may one day grow into a new, individual star and planets of its own.

Categories: Space


John F. Kennedy had a younger sister named Rosemary, who received a lobotomy which made her unable to walk or speak. This was his and his brother's main motivation for all they did for individuals with special needs.

Categories: Humanbody, President

16Walking speed

Our walking speed is affected by whom we’re with: men’s pace slows down by an average of 7% when walking with female partners they’re interested in; women walking together move the slowest; & men walking with male friends moved at speeds faster than either man’s preferred walking speed.

Categories: People, Relationship

17Lewis and Clark

On their trip across the continent, Lewis and Clark came across a tribe that knew how to say "son of a b*tch" in English.

Categories: History, People

18Adolf Schicklgruber

If Hitler's father hadn't changed his name in 1877, Hitler's name would have been "Adolf Schicklgruber."

Categories: Badass, People

19JFK's Charity

During his time as a Congressman and later the US President, John F. Kennedy donated all of his salary to charity.

Categories: President

20Carrie Fisher's affair

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) had an affair with then-married Harrison Ford (Han Solo) during their filming of the Star Wars films.

Categories: Actors, Movies

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