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In a CIA program called "Operation Midnight Climax", prostitutes were enlisted by the CIA to lure men to 'safe houses' in San Francisco where they were administered LSD without their consent. CIA Agents would then watch them have s*x with the prostitutes through 1-way mirrors.

Categories: Drugs, People

2Christopher Paul Neil

A Canadian child molester named Christopher Paul Neil who posted about 200 swirled images of his face online molesting kids in Cambodia and Vietnam. German investigators figured out a technique for unswirling the images, leading to his arrest.

Categories: People


There is approximately the same number of calories in a pound of spinach as there are in two Oreos.

Categories: Health, Places

4Radium Girls

The Radium Girls were young women who painted clock dials using glow in the dark radium paints. Because they sucked the brush tip to make them pointier, they were exposed to massive amounts of radiation, some suffering debilitating diseases that eventually killed them.

Categories: Disease, People

5Ebola outbreak

During the peak of Ebola news in 2014 people started to avoid Liberia airport in Costa Rica thinking that it was the country in Africa.

Categories: Disease, Places

6Arizona state

The state of Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, but the Navajo Nation located within Arizona does observe daylight savings time, but the Hopi Nation located within the Navajo Nation located in Arizona does not observe daylight savings time.

Categories: Places, Time

7TomTato plant

There's a plant called the TomTato which is a cherry tomato plant with potatoes as roots. It yields large quantities of both tomatoes and spuds.

Categories: Plants

8Karlee Kosolofski

Two-year-old Karlee Kosolofski was almost found dead, frozen to her porch in 1994. She had followed her dad out of the house on a -22°C morning and couldn't reach the handle to get back in. Over five hours later, she was found and amazingly revived with only the lower part of her leg needing amputation.

Categories: People

9Karnal Sher Khan

After the Kargil War (1999) between India and Pakistan, the Indian Army recommended that a Pakistani soldier (Karnal Sher Khan) is honored for bravery, and Pakistan, accepting the recommendation, posthumously awarded him their highest military honor.

Categories: Honor, Military

10Amazon River

At the mouth of the Amazon River, there's an island nearly the size of Switzerland.

Categories: Places

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