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1Lun Ekranoplan

The Lun Ekranoplan was a 380-ton Russian super plane designed to fly low over the water at high speeds to destroy aircraft carriers. CIA analysts called it the Caspian Sea Monster.

Categories: Transport


Many of the hangings during the Nuremberg trials were carried out with a short rope that caused prisoners to die a long, lingering death from suffocation, rather than an instantaneous death from a broken neck.

Categories: Death, People

3King Leonidas

King Leonidas of Sparta was 60 years old at the Battle of Thermopylae.

Categories: Monarch, War

4Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig credited the Austin Powers films with the serious tone of modern Bond films saying that they made it "impossible to do the gags" and "we had to destroy the myth because Mike Myers f*cked us."

Categories: Actors, Movies

5Marilyn Mcafee

In the 90s, the CIA tried to discredit the US Ambassador to Guatemala after they bugged her room and heard her talking lovingly to a woman named Murphy, and accused her of having a lesbian affair with the woman to Washington. There was no affair she was talking to her poodle named Murphy.

Categories: Animals, People

6Dennis Rodman

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman claims he is the oldest of ~46 children. His father says it's "only" ~29.

Categories: Games, People

7Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday, one of the foremost experimenters of his time, declined a knighthood, believing that it was against the word of the Bible to pursue worldly reward. He stated that he preferred to remain "plain Mr. Faraday to the end."

Categories: People, Science

8Monte Testaccio

There is an artificial hill named Monte Testaccio in Italy which is over 100 feet tall and made entirely of empty olive oil pots that have been carefully placed over a period of 250 years by ancient Romans.

Categories: Places, Plants

9Polish Haitians

There is a population of Polish Haitians descended from Napoleonic soldiers who deserted to join the Haitians after learning they were fighting for their freedom against slavery.

Categories: People

10Tuareg tribe

The Islamic men of the Tuareg tribe in North Africa are required to wear a veil and cover their faces, instead of the women.

Categories: Places, Tribes

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