History in Pics


A man with a Punt Gun, a type of large shotgun used for duck harvest. By lining up their boats and coordinating the firing of their single shot weapons, entire flocks of birds could be “harvested” with a single volley. It was not unusual for such a band of hunters to acquire as many as 500 birds in a single day. These guns were banned in the late 1860s. Here is the punt gun in action: video1 , video2.


Michael Jackson and Donald Trump in a private jet, late 90’s.


Air hostess and steward serving Scandinavian country style buffet, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, 1969. For the interested, here is a picture describing the food items they are served. As awesome as all that looks, it probably didn’t taste like anything special because pressurized cabins dull your taste buds making normal food taste bland, which is why airplane food always seems a little off. They’ve got to artificially bump up the flavor and juiciness in order to compensate for the effects of the air in the cabin.


Lyndon B. Johnson yelling at the pilots of a nearby plane to cut their engines so that John F. Kennedy could speak as Kennedy is seen trying to calm him down. Taken during the 1960 presidential campaign in Amarillo, Texas.

In the fall, Johnson campaigned intensely, conducting a memorable train ride through the South. He also pressed for a joint appearance of the Democratic candidates somewhere in Texas. They arranged the meeting at the airport in Amarillo, where campaign advance men stopped all air traffic during the brief ceremonies so that the candidates could address the crowd. But they had not counted on the Republican-leaning airline pilots, who deliberately ran the engines of their planes in order to drown out the speakers. At the close of the ruined appearance, a photographer snapped a concerned Kennedy placing his hand on Johnson’s shoulder, trying to calm his angry, gesticulating running mate. Then, just before the election, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson were jeered and jostled by a hostile crowd of right-wingers in Dallas, Texas.


President Harry Truman shakes hands with Pablo Picasso. Vallauris, France, 1958.

Interestingly, Harry Truman was literally broke after his presidency. He didn’t have much money due to the presidential pension not existing at the time, and he didn’t believe that presidents should be involved in corporate dealings out of respect for the office, so he didn’t do any of that. He wrote and published his memoirs, but ended up getting very little for them due to taxes and assistants that he had to pay. The presidential pension was created specifically because of Truman’s financial state after leaving office, and he eventually began receiving a generous compensation.


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