100 Interesting Facts About Hitler

1Henry Tandey

During WWI, a British soldier showed mercy to a wounded German infantryman, who later turned out to be Adolf Hitler.

2. During WWII, during Operation Mincemeat, British intelligence successfully deceived Hitler into thinking the Allies were landing in Greece rather than Sicily by dressing up a dead homeless man in a captain's uniform, fitting him with fake documents, and dropping him off the coast of Spain

3. Man who named his children Adolf Hitler and Arian Nation claims unfair treatment

4. Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939, 1942) and Ayatollah Khomeni (1979) all were TIME “Person of the Year.”

5. Francisco Franco ordered many of the same deadly xenophobic/religious “solutions” as Hitler and Mussolini (and was asked to join the Axis during WW2), but managed to remain neutral enough that Richard Nixon memorialized him as: “loyal friend and ally of the United States.”

6Hitler's skull

The skull recovered by the Soviets in 2000, that was believed to have been Adolf Hitler's was tested in 2009 and was confirmed to be a woman in her 30s.

7. There were over 40 assassination attempts on Adolph Hitler

8. After Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Adolf Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Honors were not bestowed upon Jesse Owens by either President Franklin D. Roosevelt or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms.

9. When coming to power in January 1933, the Nazi Party passed a comprehensive set of animal protection laws, with Hitler saying "In the new Reich, no more animal cruelty will be allowed."

10. A German author published his novel in 2012 called Er ist Wieder da (He's back again) in which Hitler wakes up in modern Berlin with no memories since 1945 and becomes a comedian.

11Eiffel Tower

The French Resistance cut the elevator cables to the Eiffel Tower to keep Hitler from visiting it during his visit when Paris fell. When faced with the prospect of climbing over 1500 stairs, he opted out.

12. Hitler orchestrated what was the most powerful anti-smoking movement in the world during the 1930s and early 1940s.

13. Nearly all profits from Hitler’s "Mein Kampf", his image and his artwork go to charity. Bavaria owns the rights and sometimes has difficulty finding a charity to accept them, as they are widely considered "blood money."

14. One of Hitler's personal chauffeurs (Emily Maurice) and close friends was found to be Jewish and was targeted for expulsion from the SS by Heinrich Himmler. Upon hearing that Maurice was of Jewish descent Hitler made an exception for Maurice and his brothers calling them "honorary Aryans."

15. If Hitler's father hadn't changed his name in 1877, Hitler's name would have been "Adolf Schicklgruber."

16Eva Braun

After a total war economy was instituted in 1943, Hitler had the women's cosmetics industry gradually closed down rather than banned outright to avoid upsetting Eva Braun.

17. Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts to build the "Museum of An Extinct Race."

18. To foster infighting and maximize power, Adolf Hitler used to intentionally give contradicting orders to officers whose duties he knew would overlap.

19. Hitler accidentally bombed his nephew's house in Liverpool, so the nephew moved to the United States to fight with the Allies.

20. Hitler grew to hate soccer because it couldn't be fixed to ensure German victory over non-Germans.

21Zweites Buch

Hitler wrote a second book after Mein Kampf in 1928. In it, he describes why he would go to war in Europe and how he admired US eugenics programs. It was never published because he feared it would hurt already-low Mien Kampf sales.

22. Hitler had a Jewish-Austrian doctor who didn't charge Hitler's family during his childhood due to their economic hardship. Because of this Hitler showed his "Everlasting Gratitude" by never sentencing him to a concentration camp, had him protected, by the Gestapo, and referred to him as "Noble Jew".

23. The plans to assassinate Hitler were canceled because it was feared his successor would be a more rational and effective leader.

24. When the battle of Stalingrad seemed lost for the Germans, Hitler expected his General, F. Paulus, to commit suicide. His response was: "I have no intention of shooting myself for this Bohemian corporal". Paulus surrendered on Feb 2, 1943.

25. Adolf Hitler never regarded the Chinese and Japanese as inferior to the Aryans. He thought that "their past history was superior to our own."



  1. I think Hitler killed millions of people for good reason. He helped us to see less population now. Think, if those millions ppl were alive today! How much they’ve made (produced more kids, so millions makes millions and millions) today..

    So happy to support Hitler… He is symbol of leadership.. Trump should learn something from hitler.


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